d719555da1a7ee873a9aa0466d81bd09My name is Chris and it’s a little bit difficult for me to describe myself. I live in Alberta – the second most western province in Canada.

​I currently host a show called Curious Times that covers many topics, but mostly focuses on the metaphysical world. That is just one side of me.

I was a born advocate. A good deal of my life was spent working in advocacy roles, helping people in many ways including as a worker advocate, student advocate and in general just a helper of people.

I am a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. I don’t believe in charging for Reiki and mostly just work with distance healing. In the near future I expect to put a page up offering Life Coaching Services, but in the meanwhile if you think you could benefit from some Life Coaching you can tune in to my show to get a feel for my cut through the crap no nonsense approach to coaching, and also you can feel free to contact me about such services.

While I have moved from the previous platform I continue to provide services to those who at this time remain at the other platform. I help them in many different ways, providing tutorials on how to set up and get running with their shows, as a call screener and chat room moderator and a general trouble shooting problem solver. If you have, or are considering having a Blogtalk Radio show of your own and wish to have some assistance with that feel free to contact me and we can discuss what it is you need and, if appropriate, agree on a fee for such assistance.

If you have or are considering having a show here at Intuitalks there are many tutorials that will get you started and I’d be happy to help subject to my availability free of charge.