Curious Times - Violet Aura, Science and News, Helpful or Hurtful?


04/24/2017 - 04/25/2017    
10:00 pm - 1:00 am

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Violet Aura is back tonight. We will be discussing spirit science and holistic news and the effect it has. Following our discussion Violet will take your calls. Please have a specific question or ask about a medical situation and Violet will do her best to help you out. 

There is so much news and information in the mind-body-spirit (aka holistic) market that is based on half-truths, pseudo-science or is riding the line of being fantasy-based rather than faith-based.

How do we understand what is genuinely helpful? Can making a blanket statement about a health remedy be safe, or is this potentially putting people in danger?  What kind of boundaries should there be for faith-based healing and natural remedies?

Let’s take a look at how “fake news” isn’t isolated to government politics and look at where people are placing their physical and emotional health in danger because we don’t know who to trust for proper care and may not have enough information to determine if something can be genuinely helpful.


Violet is a psychic services advisor and has been providing Lightwork and holistic healing therapy services for over 10 years. She is referred to as an empathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, paranormal aura reader.

She describes her experience of the human aura as being able to see and translate messages that arrive in the form of colors and light. Her ability also allows her to translate information that flows through like-mind-consciousness.

Violet also reads the Tarot and uses other divination tools as part of her work. She publishes articles about auras and the collective mind, spiritual and holistic alchemy, and other meaningful matters of the heart.
She is a non-denominational ordained minister, a certified Master of Usui Reiki and a certified Crystal Healing Therapist. Violet has also earned a diploma as a Master Herbalist.

Violet was raised in Southern California with her two biological parents and a younger brother. Her biological parents have active psychic abilities; believed to be passed down to them from their ancestry.

When it was discovered that Violet also had abilities, she was encouraged to continue to develop them. Her studies eventually led her to spiritual counseling and energy-based healing.

Violet is an advocate for women’s empowerment, racial equality and campaigns for human rights and animal welfare. She works with several non-profit organizations to advance awareness and support for disenfranchised groups. She now lives in Arizona with her husband and two cats.

She was born under the signs of the Lunar Fire Dragon and Sun Sign Aquarius. She meditates daily, enjoys photography, and loves dancing and jigsaw puzzles.

Current Projects
Violet is training to extend her practice to offer certified end-of-life care services and assist with professional end-of-life care programs for hospices.

She is also currently engaged with online spiritual communities to encourage more open practice of heart-based living and spiritual leadership.

You can contact Violet in the following ways:

Twitter: @VioletAura

Curious Times – Violet Aura, Science and News, Helpful or Hurtful?

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