Curious Times - Mystery Friday


10:00 pm - 11:30 pm

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We are going to do a trial run of a concept that will involve us perhaps taking one day a week to look at unsolved mysteries, or criminal cases where there seems to be some doubt as to the guilt of a convicted person.

This week we can look into two cases. One is a current open investigation to catch what is believed to be a Serial Killer in Toronto, Canada. There is a suspect under arrest and search continues in terms of excavating sites searching for human remains. There seems to be at least 8 victims, but the remains of one of those victims have not been found.

Secondly we can look at the Darlie Routier case. This woman was convicted of killing two of her children and has been on death row in Texas for 21 years. There has been a recent television series called The Last Defense, which looks at this case in particular.

We will not record this show, and we will be able to listen together to news reports or other videos that may connect to these cases. Bring your psychic and intuitive selves and your inner investigators with you to the show and let’s see what we find out.

Curious Times – Mystery Friday

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