Curious Times - Lisa LaMendola, Akashic Records Readings


08/29/2016 - 08/30/2016    
10:00 pm - 1:00 am

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Akashic Records – Readings Tonight

Call in early to get an Akashic Record Reading tonight. 

On tonight’s show we have Psychic Medium, Medical Medium, and Animal Communicator Lisa LaMendola back, sharing her insights on the Akashic Record and how using them can help you move forward in life, especially if you see that you continually repeat old patterns.

So what are the Akashic Records? Simply put, they are the energetic records of all souls. This includes past lives, the present lives, and future lives. Each soul has its own library of records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. In the Library (or Hall as it is sometimes called) is where the Akashic Records are stored. The information is placed in the Akashic field (also called zero point field) and are easily accessible to you or to a reader given permission to access them. These records also contain our collective wisdom.

When you need to better understand yourself, your current situation, or a life lesson you are continually repeating it is helpful to access your records to see how you have learned these lessons (in other dimensions and in different lifetimes), so that you may move past them and on to greater things.

Information about Lisa, also know as Sky Silverhawk, can be found on her website: ( and you can connect with her on her Facebook Page (

On her website you will find great free content to help you connect to who you truly are, as well as learn about the services she offers.

Curious Times – Lisa LaMendola, Akashic Records Readings

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