07/20/2016 - 07/21/2016    
10:00 pm - 1:00 am

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featured image for auction     Pink Tourmaline Crystal Skull      60 mm gold sheen obsidian ball   amethyst poison ring2

Sherri Garrett-Hough and her mother have been battling cancer since September of last year. This auction is to help offset costs of treatment and travel expenses to obtain that treatment.

This auction has many awesome items and we thank all those who donated their products and services to help raise funds. I remind you that this is not meant to be a fire sale. Often people will set up go fund me accounts to raise money for such a purpose and just ask for money. In this case you are receiving quality items and services for your bids. Please do not under bid. Remember, if you get an item that is worth 100 dollars for a 100 dollar bid, you have not really donated anything – the one who donated the prize has. So at the very least let’s at least bid what the value of the item is.

The auction will start at 10 PM Eastern and payments through paypal are preferred. We would appreciate if all transactions are processed as soon as a bid closes, so that if we have anyone who has not paid we can get that item to the next winning bidder. If you are for some reason unable to pay right away then we can see if an arrangement can be made, but we don’t want to wind up having closed the show to find out later that people did not pay for their items.

Also – if anyone who comes can’t purchase an item or nothing strikes your fancy, you can still help out with a donation to paypal (we will provide that information to you) for any amount – even 5 dollars helps! Thank you everyone and let’s have some fun!

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